Sustainable Combustion

For the past fifteen years, the Fluid Mechanics Group has been involved in research activities related to reactive flows of technological applicability. Many different problems have been investigated, often in close collaboration with the groups of Amable Liñán (ETSI Aeronáuticos, Madrid), Forman Williams (Dept. of Mechanical and Applied Engineering, UCSD), Sergey Minaev and Roman Fursenko (Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia), Carlos Fernández-Pello (University of California in Berkeley, USA), Mitch Smooke (University of Yale, USA) and Mike Kuznetsov (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

Fernando Veiga-López, Mike Kuznetsov, Daniel Martínez-Ruiz, Eduardo Fernández-Tarrazo, Joachim Grune, and Mario Sánchez-Sanz Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 174501 – Published 1 May 2020


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Laminar pulsating flame jet

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