Consulting services

Computer Cluster

Our expertise in fluid dynamics drives innovative solutions for private companies across various industries. Through our consulting services, we offer access to state-of-the-art computational clusters and specialized laboratory equipment, empowering companies to tackle complex challenges with confidence and precision.

Our computational clusters harness the power of advanced algorithms and simulations to model fluid behavior, optimize processes, and predict outcomes with unparalleled accuracy. Whether it's fluid flow analysis, turbulence modeling, or heat transfer simulations, our computational resources provide a robust platform for solving intricate engineering problems.

In addition to our computational capabilities, our research group boasts a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge laboratory equipment. From high-speed cameras capturing fluid dynamics in exquisite detail to Malvern particle size analyzers delivering precise measurements for droplet- or particle-based systems, we offer the tools necessary to explore, analyze, and understand fluid phenomena at a granular level.

Combustion Cell

Furthermore, our facilities include a dedicated water channel for hydrodynamic experiments and specialized combustion facilities for investigating combustion processes and flame dynamics. These resources enable us to conduct a wide range of experiments, from fundamental research to applied studies, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Whether your company operates in aerospace, automotive, energy, or any other industry reliant on fluid mechanics, our consulting services provide the expertise and resources needed to drive innovation, optimize performance, and achieve your objectives. Partner with us at to unlock the full potential of fluid dynamics in your organization's endeavors.

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