News & Upcoming Events

American Physical Society's Fluid Mechanics Conference 2017

Some members of our group participated in the 70th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics November 18-20 2017 in Denver.

Chairs of Excellence

Alexander Korobkin is visiting us for one year. More info: Read the new.

Institute Gregorio Millan Barbany

We partipate in an institute with other researches in nanoscience and mathematics.

Beer overflow

The scientific explanation of why beer overflows when a one bottle is bumped against another was studied by some department researches.

Frozen wave in time

Some group members were able to create a wave that is frozen in time.

Our team

Currently our research group counts 21 members, of which 8 professors, 1 postdoc and 12 PhD students.

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Our facilities

Available research facilities include a low-speed wind tunnel, a recirculating water channel, an ultrasound laboratory, and a latest-generation computer cluster.

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Our research

We perform research on a wide range of topics in fluid mechanics and combustion, encompassing theoretical, numerical as well as experimental studies.

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