César Huete Ruiz de Lira

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Phone: (+34) 91 624 8810
Email: chuete:at:ing.uc3m.es

Office: 1.1.F09
Av. Universidad, 30.
Edif. Betancourt
28911, Leganés (Madrid)

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César Huete received his 5-year degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in 2007. He earned his PhD at the same university in connection with UNED in 2012. The thesis, supervised by Prof. Gustavo Wouchuk, was focused on the theoretical study of the interaction of shock waves with weak turbulent flows

Research Interests

After successfully completing his PhD, he transitioned to the University Carlos III de Madrid, joining the Thermal Engineering and Fluid Mechanics department. There, he collaborated with Professor Antonio L. Sánchez on the SCORE Consolider Research project, with a primary focus on the interaction of thin detonation waves with turbulent flows. Subsequently, in 2013, he embarked on a new research journey at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), where he worked alongside Professors Forman A. Williams and Antonio L. Sánchez. This research at UCSD encompassed investigations into the interaction of detonations with small-scale turbulent flows, the impact of weak shocks on transonic mixing layers, and the ignition of reactive mixing layers through oblique shock impingement, supported by a project grant from Fundación Iberdrola España.

He is also actively working on topics related to safety issues related to undesired explosions in premixed hydrogen-air mixtures. Presently, the combustion group at UC3M is undertaking cutting-edge research initiatives in collaboration with coordinated groups at CIEMAT and UPM-ETISAE, thanks to recent grants awarded by the Agencia Española de Investigación. These grants support two key projects: "Zero-Emission Technology and Applications for the next-generation energy conversion systems: ZETA (PID2022-139082NB-C51)" and "Safe use of hydrogen for energetic applications: SAFET(H)Y (TED2021-129446B-C41)." Within the context, César Huete was advising the PhD thesis of Alberto Cuadra Lara (along some tasks of the hypersonic projects) .

César Huete is also working on topics related to High-Energy-Density-Physics, as they are the accretion-shock influence on Core-Collapse Supernovae and hydrodynamic instabilities in Inertial Confinement Fusion (Project grant by Fundación Iberdrola España). The latter is still an active research line that started with the support of a 2019 Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators, BBVA Foundation. Within the context, César Huete is advising the PhD thesis of Andrés Calvo Rivera.

Additionally, as part of his extracurricular activities, César Huete is actively engaged in research pertaining to shock-turbulence interaction within the field of hypersonics on behalf of NATO-STO. Furthermore, he assumes a leadership role in some of the tasks of the AVT-352 initiative, which is dedicated to "Measurement, Modeling, and Prediction of Hypersonic Turbulence" under the AVT (Applied Vehicle Technology) STO umbrella.

Teaching Activities

After his 2-year postdoc at UCSD, Cesar came back to UC3M (thanks to the National Juan de la Cierva grant in 2015) to carry on his research labour along with the teaching activities. Nowadays, as an Adjoint Professor, he is actively involved in the modules Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Bachelor Degree), Explosion Dynamics (Bachelor Degree) and Hydraulic Turbomachinery (Master Degree), Combustion (Master Degree), and Industrial Facilities I (Master Degree), Fluid Mechanics II (Aerospace Batchelor Degree).

Other activities

He is currently the deputy director of the Thermal and Fluid Engineering Department. He is also a frequent Member of Evaluation Committee, ANECA, Evaluation of Academic Curricula for Engineering Schools, working for ACREDITA and SIC programs for EURO-ACE and EURO-INF certificates. He has a member of the academic committee of the Bachelor in Energy Engineering for 6 years. He has been also a member of evaluation committee for Fundación BBVA-Red Leonardo.