Wilfried Coenen

Wilfried Coenen

Office: 1.1.D.12C    Phone: (+34) 91 624 6034    Email: wcoenen @ ing.uc3m.es


I started studying theoretical physics in my home country Belgium at the Universiteit Hasselt. I then continued my studies at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, where in 2005 I obtained a M.Sc. in Applied Physics. During my master's thesis I stayed 9 months at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics.

After finishing my studies in Eindhoven, I moved to Spain to start a PhD at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My PhD thesis titled "Absolute instability in the near field of low-density jets" was directed by Alejandro Sevilla and was presented in 2010.

During a post-doc, I collaborated with the fluid mechanics research group at the Universidad de Jaén. In 2011 I joined the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid again as a lecturer, where I stayed until my transfer to UC San Diego in 2015.


Curriculum vitae

Research interests

  • Fire whirls
  • Buoyancy-induced flame instabilities and flame dynamics
  • Low-density jets
  • Steady streaming in oscillatory flow
  • Cerebrospinal fluid motion & intrathecal drug delivery

Journal Publications

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