Wilfried Coenen

Wilfried Coenen

Office: 1.1.D.12B    Phone: (+34) 91 624 8344    Email: wcoenen @ ing.uc3m.es


Wilfried Coenen started studying theoretical physics in his home country Belgium at the Universiteit Hasselt. He continued his studies at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, where in 2005 he obtained a M.Sc. in Applied Physics. During his master's thesis he stayed 9 months at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, performing research in the field of aeroacoustics. Before that, he also did an internship at the University of California San Diego under the supervision of Prof. Paul F. Linden, studying gravity currents and internal bores.

After finishing his studies in Eindhoven, Wilfried moved to Spain to start a PhD at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His PhD thesis titled "Absolute instability in the near field of low-density jets" was directed by Alejandro Sevilla and was presented in 2010. During his PhD, Wilfried did various short research stays: in 2007 at the University of California San Diego in collaboration with Prof. Forman Williams, in 2008 at the University of East Anglia with Prof. Norman Riley, in 2009 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with Prof. Geno Pawlak, and in 2010 at San Diego State University with Prof. Guus Jacobs.

During a post-doc, Wilfried collaborated with the fluid mechanics research group at the Universidad de Jaén.

At the moment, he is assistant professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technologies
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Power Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation
Bachelor's Degree in Security Engineering

Research interests

Stability of jets and wakes
  • Local stability - absolute/convective instabilities
  • Global stability
Steady streaming induced by oscillating flows
  • Experiments on the steady streaming around a cylinder pair

    Transverse oscillations in the direction perpendicular to the line connecting the cylinder centers.

    Example 1: non-dimensional oscillation amplitude ε = 0.06, Streaming Reynolds number Rs = 12, from rest:

    Example 2: non-dimensional oscillation amplitude ε = 0.14, Streaming Reynolds number Rs = 36, injecting a dense solution of tracer particles:
  • Theoretical and numerical analysis of the steady streaming around a cylinder pair
Dynamics of gravitationally stretched liquid jets