Pablo A. Prieto Díaz

PhD Candidate

Office: 1.1.D19    Email: paprieto @
ORCID:0000-0002-2638-4810                   G-Scholar                   Scopus
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Pablo Prieto holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.S. in Industrial Mathematics from the University Carlos III of Madrid. Throughout his programs, he worked as an aeronautic design engineer in CT Ingenieros (2017-2018); and as an undergraduated research fellow under the supervision of Prof. César Huete, studying numerically the shock waves in confined spaces (2019). He is currently a PhD Candidate (estimated in June/2024) under the supervision of Prof. Marcos Vera.

Research interests

Pablo's research interests adresses mass, charge and heat transport phenomena taking place in the RFBs, using modeling, numerical analysis and experiments. In particular, his research focuses on the electrolyte mixing inside the tanks of RFBs.


Journal Publications

  1. P. A. Prieto-Díaz, A. A. Maurice, M. Vera, A comprehensive study of electrolyte density and viscosity for vanadium redox flow batteries, Under Preparation, (2024).
  2. P. A. Prieto-Díaz, G. Marini, M. Rugna, A. Trovò, M. Vera, M. Guarnieri, Experimental evidence of capacity drop resulting from inefficient electrolyte mixing in the tanks of vanadium redox flow batteries, Under Preparation, (2024).
  3. A. Trovò, P. A. Prieto-Díaz, N. Zatta, F. Picano, M. Guarnieri, Early experimental evidences of electrolyte mixing dynamics in large flow batteries tanks, Submitted to Journal of Energy Storage, (2023).
  4. P. A. Prieto-Díaz, S. E. Ibáñez, M. Vera, Fluid dynamics of mixing in the tanks of small vanadium redox flow batteries: Insights from order-of-magnitude estimates and transient two-dimensional simulations, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 216 (2023) 124567.