Mario Sánchez Sanz

Office: 1.1.D.20    Phone: (+34) 91 624 6210    Email: mssanz @

Mario Sánchez Sanz obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2002.  He joined the PhD program of this university, obtaining his doctorate in May 2007 in the Mathematical Engineering program under the supervision of prof.  Antonio Sanchez and prof. Amable Liñán

During his PhD, Mario stayed for nine moths in the Center of Energy Research of the University of California at San Diego as a visitor researcher in the group of prof. Forman Williams. He also visited during four months the Mathematics Department of the University of East Anglia where he worked with prof. Mark Blyth and prof. Norman Riley.

After his graduation in May 2007, he moved to the School of Aeronautics of the Polytechnic University of Madrid where he got a position as an assistant professor.  During that time, he initiated a research collaboration with the mechanical departments of Yale University and the University of California in Berkeley, leaded by prof. Mich Smooke and  prof. Carlos Fernández-Pello respectively, where he has stayed in different periods doing research in numerical combustion and MEMS.

In september 2011 he moved back to the Fluid Mechanics department of the University Carlos III as a visiting professor, becoming associate professor in June 2012.

Research interest

Mario's research interest focuses on the application of asymptotic, perturbations and numerical methods to the analysis of laminar reacting and non-reacting flows. The previous generic description includes problems of heat and mass transfer, microfluidics, analysis of laminar jets with and without combustion, MEMS, etc...


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Interesting links

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Pics and videos

Luminosity of a pulsating methane flame with the isosurface Z=Zs represented with a red thick line. The image represents the instant just after pinch-off, with the flame divided in two regions.

Laminar pulsating flame jet


Video: Pulsating CH4 flame jet St=05, A=05









Laminar pulsating flame jet



Pulsating CH4 flame jet St=05, A=05



Stochiometric Propane flame propagating in a LxH=500 mm x 150 mm chamber and width h=2, 4 and 6 mm