Fernando Veiga López


Fernando Veiga Lopez

Office: 1.1.T.04   Phone: (+34) 91 624 6225    Email: fveiga @ ing.uc3m.es


Fernando Veiga López completed his BSc in Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2014, specializing in aerospace propulsion and collaborating during his BSc Thesis with the Microgravity Institute "Ignacio da Riva".

After finishing his BSc degree, he enrolled in a Master of Science of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He completed the course in 2016, specializing in Flight Performance and Propulsion. He developed a numerical simulation of a novel Lean Premixed Hydrogen combustion chamber in the frame of the AHEAD project as his MSc Thesis. During this period, he collaborated with the Research and Development department of WS FLOX, experimentally investigating flameless oxidation.

Fernando is currently doing his PhD under the supervision of Mario Sánchez-Sanz, focusing on experimental investigation of premixed flames in confined geometries. More specifically, he studies premixed-flames propagation (see video) in a quasi-two-dimensional geometry (Hele-Shaw cell).

Research Interests

  • Premixed flame-front dynamics.
  • Innovative fuels and combustion techniques.
  • Flame-front instabilities.
  • Micro combustion.

Teaching Activities

Fernando has been a teaching assistant in the Fluid Mechanics Engineering course since February 2017.

Conference contribution

  • F. Veiga-López, D. Martínez-Ruiz, M. Sánchez-Sanz, E. Fernández-Tarrazo. "Experimental Analysis of Premixed-Flame Propagation in a Hele-Shaw Cell". Fourteenth International Conference on Flow Dynamics, ICFD 2017, Sendai, Japan.

Propane-air flames shots:


Propane-air flame video: