Chemical Mechanisms

Please, cite the paper below the files when referring to the mechanism.

Methanol Chemistry

E Fernández-Tarrazo, M Sánchez-Sanz, AL Sánchez, F. A. Williams,
"A multipurpose reduced chemical-kinetic mechanism for methanol combustion", Combust. Theory Model. 20 (2016) 613-631, PDF

8-Step Reduced Mechanism. Fortran Subroutine
38-Step Skeletal Mechanism.  Reaction Mechanism

Ethanol Chemistry

A. Millán-Merino, E. Fernandez-Tarrazo, M. Sanchez-Sanz, F. A. Williams,
"A Multipurpose Reduced Mechanism for Ethanol Combustion", Combust. Flame, 193 (2018) 112-122. PDF

14-Step Reduced Mechanism. Fortran Subroutine Complementary Reaction Mechanism
66-Step Skeletal Mechanism.  Reaction Mechanism

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