Mariano Rubio Rubio

Office: 1.1.D.23    Phone: (+34) 91 624 6033    Email: mrrubio @


Mariano Rubio Rubio obtained his Aeronautical Engineering degree from the School of Aeronautics of the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2011. There, he collaborated as an undergraduate research fellow in the Fluid Mechanics Department for two years, working on various projects related to energy management with active glasses. During his last course he collaborated with the Aircrafts and Spatial Vehicles Department, developing a toolbox devoted to simulate the flight dynamics of helicopters, in the frame of Teaching Innovation.

Then he moved to the Carlos III University of Madrid, where he obtained a MS degree in Thermal and Fluids Engineering in 2012, as the starting point of his PhD under the supervision of Alejandro Sevilla.

In 2013, Mariano did a short research stay at KU Leuven with Prof. Christian Clasen, where he made a first approach to rheological modelling and measurements. In 2015, he stayed for two moths at the IRPHE in Marseille, under the supervision of Prof. Emmanuel Villermaux, working on liquid bridges that solidify while they are stretched.

Research Interests

Mariano's research interests focus on the dynamics of jets and drops in stretched flows. In particular, he studies global stability of liquid jets, dripping regimes and the evolution of stretching liquid bridges. His work is both experimental and numerical.

Teaching Activities

Since October 2011, Mariano has been teaching assistant in various fluid mechanics related courses.


  • Rubio-Rubio M, Sevilla A, Gordillo JM. "On the thinnest steady threads obtained by gravitational stretching of capillary jets". Journal of Fluid Mechanics 729, 471-483 (2013)

Conference contribution

  • M. Rubio-Rubio, W. Mathues, A. Sevilla, C. Clasen. Experiments and modelling of the final stage pinching of particle supension filaments. 10th Annual European Rheology Conference, Nantes, France (2015).
  • M. Rubio-Rubio, P. Taconet, A. Sevilla. Dripping regimes at high Bond numbers. 67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, San Francisco, United States (2014).
  • M. Rubio-Rubio, P. Taconet, I. Chakraborty, A. Sevilla. Transition to jetting in a dripping faucet at high Bond numbers. 10th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark (2014).
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  • M. Rubio-Rubio, W. Coenen, J.M. Gordillo, A. Sevilla. Global modes and dynamics of falling capillary jets close to the jetting-dripping transition threshold. 9th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Rome, Italy (2012).
  • M. Rubio-Rubio, W. Coenen, J.M. Gordillo, A. Sevilla. Regimes of viscous capillary jets stretched by gravity: experiments and linear analysis. 6th European Postgraduate Fluid Dynamics Conference, London, United Kingdom (2012).