Alberto E. Quintero Gámez

Office: 1.1.D.18    Phone: (+34) 91 624 9935    Email: aequinte @



Alberto Quintero Gamez studied at Universidad de Los Andes. Alberto received his 5-year chemical engineering (Cum Laude) degree in 2008.  During his studies he worked as professor assistant teaching Calculus in Engineering Faculty of Universidad de Los Andes, also in his last course works as under-graduate research fellow under the supervision of Johnny Bullón and Ana Forgiarini studying the Characterization of Nanoemulsions by phase behavior. After his graduation he worked for Formulation, Interfases, Rheology and Processes Laboratory (FIRP) in R+D projects.

In October 2012 he obtained a MS in Industrial Mathematics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Since November 2012 he is PhD student under the supervision of Marcos Vera.

Research Interests

Analytical and Numerical solutions for the design and improvement of counterflow parallel-plate heat exchangers. Research in Heat and Mass transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Interfacial Phenomena and Entropy Generation Minimization.

Teaching Activities

From January 2010 to December 2010 Alberto worked like interim professor of Design of Reactors at Universidad de Los Andes. Nowdays is teaching assistant for laboratory sessions in fluid dynamics related courses at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


A.E. Quintero, M. Vera and B. Rivero-de-Aguilar, Wall conduction effects in laminar counterflow parallel-plate heat exchangers, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 70, pp. 939-953 (2014). (e-journal)

A.E. Quintero and M. Vera, Wall conduction effects in laminar counterflow parallel-plate heat exchangers with small scale wall corrugations, Heat Transfer, InTech  (January 2015).