Patricia Vega Martínez

Patricia Vega Martínez

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Short BIO

Patricia Vega Martínez completed her Bachelor of Industrial Engineering at Universidad de León in 2011, specializing in Mechanics. During her studies, she studied Vilniaus Gedimino Tecknickos Universitetas for one year.

Then, she moved to Madrid and obtained her Master of Industrial Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2014. At the same time, she started to work at the International Services in UC3M. Afterwards, she joined the Technical Department of Construction of Elecnor S.A . Then, she got an internship position in Red Eléctrica de España.

Patricia is currently doing his PhD under the supervision of prof. Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez. Her PhD focuses on two main research lines: the experimental investigation of diffusion-driven growth of bubbles in microgravity conditions and of the water-exit problem.



Diffusion-driven growth of bubble cloud in microgravity conditions

The goal of this experiment is the study of the diffusion-driven growth of a bubble cloud in a CO2 supersaturated water solution at times much longer than a few hundreds of milliseconds, when gravity becomes dominant in normal conditions on Earth. In our preliminary experiments under microgravity conditions, the evolution of the cloud can be observed for more than 1 second (see Fig.1 and movie).

Fig.1 Comparison between experiments in gravity (a) and microgravity (b) conditions.

 Movie.1 Bremen,2018.


The experiment consists in the formation of a bubble cloud in a supersaturated liquid by spark-induced cavitation and then, observing the development of the cloud using high- speed imaging in microgravity conditions. The layout of the experimental set-up is shown in Figs. 2 .






Fig 2. Layout of the experimental set-up. 1. Measurement Chamber, 2. Electrodes, 3. Spark Generator, 4. CO2 bottle, 5. Expansion chamber, 6. Differential Pressure Sensor, 7. Pressure sensor, 8. High-Speed camera, 9. LED screen.


Jan Siemer (ZARM), Devaraj van der Meer (University of Twente), Patricia Vega Martínez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), and Michael Heseding (ZARM) in front of the drop capsule (from left to right) in July 2016. Not in the picture: Torsten Lutz (ZARM) and Matthias Sperl (DLR-MP).




Jan Siemer (ZARM), Devaraj van der Meer (University of Twente), Patricia Vega Martínez (UC3M), Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez (UC3M), und Michael Heseding (ZARM) in front of the drop capsule (from left to right) in July 2016. Not in the picture: Torsten Lutz (ZARM) and Matthias Sperl (DLR-MP).



Water Exit Problem - Experiments

Here, we present the facility designed to measure the hydrodynamic forces acting on an object suddenly lifted from a water surface at an acceleration much larger than gravity.






Fig 1. a) Layout of the experimental set up. b) (a–d) Side view of the edge of the plate and (e–h) top view of the plate where the blue dots mark the diameter of the plate and the red dash traces the detection of the contact line. Images acquired at 15000 fps.








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