Juan Sánchez Monreal

Juan Sánchez Monreal

Office: 1.1.D.23    Phone: (+34) 91 624 6033    Email: jsmonrea @ ing.uc3m.es


Juan Sánchez Monreal studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Juan received his 5-year aeronautical engineering degree in 2010.  During his last courses he worked as under-graduate research fellow under the supervision of Juan A. Hernandez Ramos and Miguel Hermanns studying the elastic behavior of  IntelliGlass active glazing. After his graduation he worked for IntelliGlass in R+D projects for a year. Juan finished his MS in Industrial Mathematics at the Universidad Carlos III in 2013. At the moment, he is PhD student under the supervision of Marcos Vera.

Research Interests

Juan's research interests are in the field of modelling PEM fuel cells; hydrogen fuel cells and  Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells (DAFCs). He is interested in the development of a complete mathematical model of  ethanol cell including all the intermediate species. Also he interested in the experimentation of  DAFC to test numerical models.  In the hydrogen fuel cell, his research interest is focused on water management.

Teaching Activities

Juan is teaching assistant for laboratory sessions in courses of fluid dynamics and explosion dynamics.

Conference contribution

J. Sánchez-Monreal, P. A. García-Salaberri, M. Vera, J. J. Linares, Modelización matemática del ánodo de una pila DEFC incluyendo especies intermedias libres y adsorbidas, Proceedings of CONAPPICE 2012 – V Congreso Nacional de Pilas de Combustible, Madrid, Spain (2012). (PDF)

J. Sánchez-Monreal, P. A. García-Salaberri, M. Vera, Mathematical modelling of Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells including free and adsorbed intermediate species, 10th Symposium on Fuel Cell and Battery Modelling and Experimental Validation – ModVal 10, Bad Boll/Stuttgart, Germany (2013).

D. G. Sanchez, T. Ruiu, I. Biswas, K. A. Friedrich, J. Sánchez-Monreal, M. Vera, Effect of inlet gas humidification on PEMFC behavior and current density distribution226th ECS Meeting, Cancún, Mexico (2014).

J. Sánchez-Monreal, M. Vera, D. G. Sánchez, T. Ruiu, I. Biswas, K. A. Friedrich, Modeling the Effect of the Inlet Gas Humidification on PEMFC Behavior and Current Density Distribution , 12th Symposium on Fuel Cell and Battery Modelling and Experimental Validation – ModVal 12, Munzingen/Freiburg, Germany (2015).

D. G. Sanchez, T. Ruiu,  K. A.,Friedrich, J. Sánchez-Monreal,  M. Vera,  Analysis of the Influence of Temperature and Gas Humidity on the Performance Stability of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 163(3) (2016), F150-F159.