Daniel Gómez Lendínez

Daniel Gómez Lendínez

Office:    Phone: (+34)    Email: dagomezl @ ing.uc3m.es


Daniel Gómez Lendínez studied at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013, a master degree in Industrial Mechanics in 2014 and phD in Fluid Mechancis in 2018.

Daniel did his PhD under the supervision of Wilfried Coenen and Alejandro Sevilla studing jetflow stability.

Research Interests

Daniel's research topics can be situated in the field of jets, flames and wakes. In particular, he studies the behavior of global jet stability and flame stability. Also, aerodynamics components of vehicles. His work is numerical until now. As well, the use of 3D printers in fluid mechanics experiment set ups.


  • American Physical Society: Division of Fluid Mechanics 2016 Portland, USA
  • Challenges in Nonlinear Systems: A meeting to celebrate the 60th birthday of Prof. L.L. Bonilla 2017 Leganés
  • European Automotive Congress 2017 Leganés
  • American Physical Society: Division of Fluid Mechanics 2017 Denver, USA


  • Workshop in fluid mechanics (Jaén 2015)
  • Workshop in fluid mechanics (Tarragona 2017)

Teaching Activities

He has teached laboratory sessions in several fluid dynamics related courses in mechanical, aerospace, energy and industrial engineering degrees. Also he has been lab coordinator as well.

He colaborates with Formula Student university team as Faculty Advisor. He advised in the aerodynamic design of the cars: C3-R16, C3-R17, C3-R18 .

Final degree projects tutor

  • C.S.M. "Diseño, optimización y fabricación de la carrocería de un Formula Student". October 2016.
  • A.L.R. "Cálculo, diseño y estudio de una turbina de gas de flujo axial. October 2016.
  • C.P.J. "Análisis y diseño de un compresor mediante la dinámica de fluidos computacional". October 2016
  • A.L.G. "Optimización paramétrica de la aerodinámica de un Formula Student con Virtual Wind Tunnel". July 2017
  • A.M.A. "Analysis of drag reducing devices in aircraft wings". July 2017
  • M.C. "Simulación del comportamiento de un alerón para automoción". July 2017.
  • S.C.V.. "Simulación de un aneurisma arterial". October 2017
  • J.C. (TFM). "Estudio aeroelástico mediante CFD-CSD de una turbina eólica". October 2017
  • C.H. "Diseño de componentes aerodinámicos de un Formula Student". October 2017
  • H.M. "Diseño y fabricación del sistema de admisión de aire en un vehículo de Formula Student". October 2017
  • C.D. "Análisis y diseño de un aerogenerador mediante simulación 3D de dinámica computacional de fluidos". October 2017
  • S.G.O. "Diseño de la carrocería aerodinámica de un Formula Student" Jul 2018